Saturday, December 18, 2010

Desert Winter

Christmas is on the way yet again, and I seemed to be blown away on how fast it rolls around. Another year passing by, and a new year to enjoy will be here soon. It has been a nice winter here so far. Warm days and cold nights. Nothing crazy and snowy like other places in the U.S but I'm definitely not complaining. Driving to work with my windows down most days is pretty nice and a winter wonderland isn't too far away either. Kolby and I are planning on heading up north soon to play in the snow and hit the slopes! We have never been boarding together so it will be a great time I'm sure. Until then, we are enjoying the chilly nights on the balcony. What else do you need besides a warm drink in hand, good company and good conversation. Slowly Ive been decoration the place to bring in the holiday cheer. With a beautiful tree, candles, and the scent of something yummy cooking in the oven, it actually feels like winter/Christmas time here in the desert.

My very dear friend Tia and I made Gingerbread houses on Thursday, and it was actually really fun. We had hot coco with baileys and decorated away. Hers turned out awesome! Her dog Ender licked her roof while we were not watching and sort of ruined one side, but other than that it was a beautiful house. I don't have a picture of hers, but I do have one of mine.

Also, I wanted to show off my cute birch candles!

And Last but not least, my good friend Thomas celebrated his 26th birthday on Thursday. So Happy Birthday and glad to have spent it with you!

Photo from Halloween by the way

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