Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

             Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! I hope that everyone had a great, happy, and safe holiday. Kolby and I had a wonderful one that's for sure. On Christmas we had a little present exchange at our place before heading to my parents house with our good friends Nate and Tia. We had home made cinnamon rolls (which were amazing by the way- Thanks Dad.) Then we headed out to go shooting which is always a good time. Kolby, my Dad, and I haven't gone out since Mark Hall was in town so it was long over due. So, we set up camp and fired away. We finally blew up the pumpkins that I had sitting on my balcony so it was well worth it and it was a lot of fun! then, we headed back to my parents house to have dinner with Mike and Rebecca and my cute little nephews, Jackson and Walker. After dinner we did gifts then off we went to go see Kolby's family.

            Kolbys family had got the Kinet for his little sister and let me be the first to say that it is beyond crazy! its like a little alien or something! it scopes you out and remembers you and actually works like they say. you move, it moves. Even when I would brush the hair out of my eyes, my avatar would do the same. Kinda creepy. Wait, take that back, WAY creepy. but very awesome at the same time. Worked up a sweat for sure. It was a blast though. Everyone of us was jumping around and the kinet takes picture when your playing and shows you after and its laughs for all.

          Goodbye to 2010, and hello 2011. Thank you to everyone who made 2010 a wonderful and exciting year. Thanks for all the love and the laughs and making my year great. XOXO

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