Friday, December 23, 2011

2 Days

I can't believe that its 2 days before Christmas! I honestly can't believe how fast this year has gone by.

Things that I am looking forward to...

Tomorrow I'm making our families famous Christmas cookies. I have been eating them every Christmas for my whole life and I'm still not sick of them. Its going to be my first time making them on my own. Excited. I have the cutest cutter to make them with.

Kolby and I both have the next two days off. A weekend together is very rare so it going to be treasured for sure. I'm thinking watching movies, wrapping presents, and drinking hot beverages. Perfect.

Christmas Eve night. Kolby and I carry the tradition of getting to open one present before bed. Yay!

Christmas Day. A full day filled with present, eating, drinking, and most importantly family and friends.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Weather

Winter weather has stuck Arizona. Its been raining on and off, and its been pretty dang cold too. I'm glad that its feeling like Christmas time. One week my friends.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ugly Sweaters

 This Christmas our friends Nate and Tia are going to be having an Ugly Sweater Party! I'm am really excited because I think its a great event and I have never been to one. I can't wait to get together with my friends and look silly while drinking hot coco. Splendid if I do say so myself. So now I need to get an "ugly" sweater. I think that a bold holiday sweater will do just find if I don't find a cheap ugly one somewhere.

While looking around a came across some awesome deer sweaters. I don't find them "ugly" at all. I think they are goofy, but cute. I think for a holiday sweater party, they would be great!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

late but...

Thanksgiving '11

Kolby and I, hosted our second Thanksgiving at our place this year. It was my second time around cooking everything so I think this year was much smoother. Also, Kolby fried, yes fried, our turkey this year so that was one less thing to take up the oven. I was scared to fry the bird but it went off pretty well he said. I didn't get to see it done cause he did it down the street at his families house. (we couldn't do it on our balcony... we probably would have burned the place down.) But Kolby showed up, right after my parents did with this beautiful, golden, crunchy, turkey. None of us had tried it before that night. It was a crowd pleaser that's for sure. Kolby did a fantastic job. I even had a few bites. It was so nice. Comfort food, pear cider, and cheesecake. Come one, you can't beat that. Plus being able to cook and host for my parents is so nice. They did it for all of us for so long. Its nice to do it for them.

We technically had two Thanksgivings. My parents came over the night before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Eve if you will. Then on Thanksgiving Day, we went to his families. His dad made these awesome sweet potatoes. It was nice to have a day for each family really. Its hard trying to fit both in one day. I say, two Thanksgivings every year! (I think I my belly typed that last part...)

Look how snazzy my mister looks! Pretty cute huh? I love me a vest.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I did.

Happy Birthday Dad

Living the good life
My Dad also had his Birthday. On November 12th. He spent it at the Grand Canyon with my Mom and my brother Mike, and his family. He hasn't been there since he was a kid and I'm glad that he went back. It was my Moms first time so I'm glad they got to go together.

In all honestly, my Dad is one of the coolest people around. I'm so lucky that I have a good amazing relationship with him. He is the world to me and I am so proud of him in so many ways. I love you so much Dad. I hope you had a great birthday.  XOXOX

This is how we do it

Zoo Birthday

The Saturday after my birthday, My parents and I went to the Phoenix Zoo. I had never been there and it was actually pretty awesome. We spent all day at the zoo, then we ate a Cooper Town, and then had ice cream at Mary Coyle. My dad actually used to eat there with his folks when he was a kid. I plan on caring the tradition if I can. I was a perfect day to walk around the zoo. It was a bit chilly at first, but with the walking and the sunshine, it became the perfect temperature. Thanks for a wonderful day Mom and Dad!
Galapagos Turtles

Horrible picture but if you look close, its an fennic fox.

Lioness laying on a rock

Dad with a goat, and a goat...

Rhino chowing


I know its been a month and I'm sorry about my lack of posting. I think I need to make a resolution to blog more this up coming year.

So lets start where I left you last. November 2nd.

Believe it or not, that was my birthday. My 22nd birthday to be exact. I spent it by eating lots of sweets, cuddling with Kolby, and playing video games. I know, pretty boring but there was so many parties leading up to my birthday, that the last thing I wanted to do was party. So I did a lazy birthday, and let me tell you, it was great.

I have the sweetest girlies in my ASL class. They made these for me.

The lovely Tia make this beautiful (and tasty) cake for me

                             And Kolby got this awesome ice cream cake for me. I told you, a lot of sweets.

The rest of the night pretty much looked like this. It was great. Someday I have that crazy birthday, but I'm glad that it wasn't this one cause nothing can beat this right here. So here's to being 2. Hooray.