Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

2012 is here my friends and I can't believe how fast it came. It honestly seems like just a few months ago Kolby and I were having our new years kiss on the balcony and talking about what we wanted out of the year. 2011 has soared by and as much as I enjoyed it, I'm excited for the freshness of a new year.

This year Kolby was working so I didn't get to share my new years eve with him. Instead, I went to my friend  RC,  Thomas (yes he moved back!), and Andy's house.  It was really a good time. We popped bubbly, danced, and chatted away. I did miss Kolby though. We had an early new years celebration so we could kiss and discus what we want out of 2012. He doesn't like the term "new years resolution" so we can just call it goals I guess.

Our biggest goal is to be smart with our money and to save as much as we can.

I have a few goals of my own, but the biggest personal goal is I want to really devote this year to school. Take as many classes as I can and get amazing at ASL. I want to join the interpreter program in 2013, so 2012 is my big year to get all of my classes done, and to be confident with my signing.

                                  Cheers Everyone! Hope 2012 is good to you!

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