Sunday, January 1, 2012

Merry Christmas 2011

  Merry Christmas Everyone!


Christmas this year was a very eventful and wonderful day. In the morning we did our little gift opening at our place, then headed over to my parents house for cinnamon rolls, shooting, food, and gifts. After we left there, we headed over to Kolbys families house and ate some more, and did gifts as well. To end the night, we went to our friends Christmas party. The whole day was so much fun and well, perfect.

Every year, Kolby says " We made out like bandits!" on our final drive back to our place. And he is right. So thank you everyone for such awesome and thoughtful gifts. We are very appreciative. But thank you most of all for letting us spend Christmas with you! Kolby and I are so lucky to have so many important people to share the holidays with.

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