Thursday, January 20, 2011

Duck... Duck... Tiger?

On the 10th, the Oregon Ducks played the BCS game here in Arizona.
As an Oregon native, I was so excited to watch the game and support the team. On game day, I rocked my Oregon shirt at work along with green and yellow hair bows and bracelets. I left work early to watch the game with Kolby and his best friend Nate at our local watering hole. Kolby and Nate we already there waiting for me, and to watch the Ducks play what we knew was going to be and excellent game against the Auburn Tigers. We also knew it would be a tough game for both teams but had faith in Oregon. Sadly, with 2 second on the clock, Oregon lost and we were all shocked and disappointed. But I will say, that it was a great game and it was so close! Good thing is, that Oregon wont be losing many players to graduation so next year they should be just as awesome! We are rooting for you Oregon!!

-Sadness after the game-
RC-Shocked, Nate & Kolby- Bewildered, Thomas- Needing a tissue

Better watch out Auburn!

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