Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving '11

Kolby and I, hosted our second Thanksgiving at our place this year. It was my second time around cooking everything so I think this year was much smoother. Also, Kolby fried, yes fried, our turkey this year so that was one less thing to take up the oven. I was scared to fry the bird but it went off pretty well he said. I didn't get to see it done cause he did it down the street at his families house. (we couldn't do it on our balcony... we probably would have burned the place down.) But Kolby showed up, right after my parents did with this beautiful, golden, crunchy, turkey. None of us had tried it before that night. It was a crowd pleaser that's for sure. Kolby did a fantastic job. I even had a few bites. It was so nice. Comfort food, pear cider, and cheesecake. Come one, you can't beat that. Plus being able to cook and host for my parents is so nice. They did it for all of us for so long. Its nice to do it for them.

We technically had two Thanksgivings. My parents came over the night before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Eve if you will. Then on Thanksgiving Day, we went to his families. His dad made these awesome sweet potatoes. It was nice to have a day for each family really. Its hard trying to fit both in one day. I say, two Thanksgivings every year! (I think I my belly typed that last part...)

Look how snazzy my mister looks! Pretty cute huh? I love me a vest.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know I did.

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