Thursday, March 3, 2011

Busy Bee

Happy March Everyone! I have been slacking on my blog lately so I told myself today I have to make a post no matter what! so here's my two cents for the last few days.

Kolby finally sold his truck (Which is great because it was starting to be a money pit.) So I have been taking him to and fro from work whenever I can. On Sunday after picking him up from work, we went and got his motorcycle! I know I know, crazy right? But its going to be great. Hes an amazing driver and its a smaller bike so it wont be able to go really fast. Kolby really doesn't drive to much (or to far) either so it will be nice knowing that he wont be on the highways or driving across town to get to work. But until we get it insured and licenced he cant drive it yet.

Also I got a much needed gym membership. I'm not a big girl or anything but I do live in Arizona so its shorts and suites most of the year so you have to stay in shape. I'm not about to let myself go when I have to wear shorts everyday in the summer haha. So after work everyday, I go to the gym. Its been going well so far and I'm glad that I finally got a membership and I'll be ready for the fast approaching summer.

Tomorrow is Kolby's 24th Birthday! Its so crazy to look back and think that we met each other right before he turned 21. We have been dating for three years now and I love that I have gotten to share his last three birthdays with him, and tomorrow, four birthdays. Happy early Birthday Kolby! I Love you so much!

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