Thursday, February 17, 2011

All you need is Love

Happy late Valentine's Day to all! Even though Kolby and I are not really into the whole V-day thing, I had a pretty good day and day after. As for Monday, all the girls that I work with wanted to dress up. So the week before Valentines Day, we all went and got matching shirts and socks to wear. Surprising enough we all wore them and looked really cute. when I was leaving my house I was thinking to myself, these socks are ridiculous, but it cute with all of us walking about in them. This is a picture of my good friend Krystle and I after work and before we went on our, what seems to be, weekly grocery store trip. Seriously, going grocery shopping with a friend makes such and boring task so much better! I actually get excited to fill up my fridge now.


My Mom also surprised me at work with a gift and some hugs and kisses. It was really great to see her. All my customer couldn't stop talking about how beautiful she is. I  have to agree that my mom is so beautiful!

At the store, along with other things, I got two wild caught lobster tails (which I have never cooked before or can even remember eating) and was going to cook them when I got home for dinner, but they had to thaw and it would have been to late for dinner so Kolby and I decided to cook and eat them another night.

So on to Tuesday. I had a hard day at work to say the least. By the time we were closing, I was still doing my side work, and had not eating since lunch.I was ready to get out of there, eat food, and enjoy knowing that I had the next day off. I called Kolby letting him know I was heading home and informed him of my crappy day. When I got home, candles were lit and my beautiful boyfriend was in the kitchen cooking our lobsters, his steak, and opening a bottle of Cabernet. Also, he had already made red mashed potatoes and asparagus! I couldn't believe it! It was perfect (not only because it was so damn cute) but I was so hungry, and nothing can fix a bad day then eating a great meal with the person you love. We ate our dinner in candle light (which I think was a first) and just talked and laughed. My bad day just floated away. A wonderful dinner with my wonderful boyfriend. Thanks Baby and Happy Valentines Day! Here are some sappy photos just to cap off the day of love.

                                             Us at Nate and Tia's wedding

Us at Halloween last year

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