Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quite Mornings

The last few weeks have been out of the ordinary for me. Kolby's truck has been in the shop for 2 week and its looking like its going to be there for awhile longer. Its not a huge fix, but they had to order a part so until they get it, we are down to one car. Its really not too bad being that we work at different times so gladly, I have been driving him to work the in morning.  I'm not what people would say "a morning person" but I seem to be doing quite well. Its been quite nice actually. We get up together, have coffee together, (things we normally do on our days off) and then I have a quite morning to myself with the girls until I head to work around one. Sometimes I do take a little nap (I know but I told you I'm not a morning gal!) but I'm am enjoying it and Kolby said he is too.

I mentioned in my last post that I was making a blue berry pie. It was really easy to make and it turned out great! I got the recipe from here and even though, the crust was a little boring, (would have been better for a pot pie then a sweet pie) it was beautiful looking and I'm glad I am expanding my cooking and baking skills. I want to make a strawberry rhubarb cobbler next time because come to think of it, I'm not a huge crust fan and a cobbler would be tastier in my opinion. Here are some photos of my first berry pie.         

                    The pie was filled with so many fresh blueberries that it was running down the side after baking.

      Of course served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.  Bon App├ętit!

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