Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend, Kolby and I both had work off so we had a little date at Yard House in Westgate. It was fabulous. I couldn't believe how yummy my grilled cheese was. Of course its Yard House so its not your ordinary grilled cheese. It was this buttery, flaky bread with thick cheddar, gorgonzola, swiss, and fontina cheese oozing out of it, with roasted tomatoes, and I added avocados.  It also came with this organic tomato bisque which was just as awesome. Perfect pair. So if anyone is by a Yard House, get one and I'm sure you will be pleased. Kolby also said that it was the best burger he had had in a very long time. So hands down, great dinner and a great night out with Kolby.

On Saturday I also went to a baby shower for my friend Rosa. She and her husband are having their second baby at the beginning of April so congrats and I can't wait to met her.

Oh and for those of you wondering, I got my sewing machine! I love it and It works great. I hope to get some projects started here real soon. Ive been looking at all things sewing lately to get some ideas. I think my first job will be a very easy one just to get  the hang of it. I'm going to make produce bags for when I go grocery shopping. I always bring the reusable shopping bags because they can hold so much and it makes hauling it all so much easier. (and its better than wasting all the plastic bags the store gives you!) So I want to do that with my fruits and veggies too. No more wasting bags just to carry my broccoli or plums out of the store. This is the sort of thing I mean...

I found theses on the Etsy shop Oh Little Rabbit and got inspired. Wednesdays are my day off during the week, so I hope to have things all up and running before next Wednesday and make some bags of my own. I'll document the process and post the results for you next Wednesday.

My task today is making a blue berry pie. I have never made one all from scratch before so I hope it comes out beautiful and tasty. The other night Kolby said, "I haven't had a pie in a while. I would love a blue berry pie." And I agree with him totally. With the cold and windy day that we are having, A warm pie will be perfect. If its really tasty, ill post the ingredients. 

                Maybe after my produce bags, Ill make a cute apron to cook in.

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