Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I have never been a neat freak. I'll admit that I can get a bit OCD every now again, but I hate doing some very necessary things for my apartment.. (Such as, cleaning the shower, hanging up clothes, organizing storage areas...)  I told myself, that today is a cleaning day. At least one major thing needed to be done in each room and I've been tackling them. So, because I'm in cleaning mode, I wanted to post up some of my favorite cleaning products. Products that make my lack of enjoyment a little bit better.

 This Product is amazing. It's from the company Biokleen and you can get it at health food stores. Its perfect for getting out stains in your carpet or laundry. It also is an odor remover. So it gets out the stank out of the garbage can, litter box, diaper pail and so on.

Attitude's products are great. The window cleaner is the best I've used. The all purpose cleaning is tough without  making your home smell all producty like I have noticed from other cleaners.

Oh Method. I think this is one of my all time favorite cleaning companies. I have liked everything that I have used by them and am trying new ones out all the time. This is a few of the product I'm currently using at my home.

 I absolutely love the laundry detergent. It smells great and its super concentrated so you only use a few pumps (yeah, it pumps so no more lids, measuring or, sticky fingers.) 4 pumps and your good.

Also, the toilet cleaner is awesome. I honestly don't even mind cleaning it anymore. The eucalyptus mint smell is to die for. I want to buy more of the bathroom products because the smell is so great.

 I use Twists euro sponge and micro fiber cloths instead of paper towels when I'm cleaning. These cloths go above and beyond what a paper towel can. The are lint free, tough on dirt (and that ring that I get on my mugs when I leave coffee or tea in them.) Also the packaging doubles as a craft. The cardboard sleeve had a cutout so you can make a bird feeder. Maybe I'll give it a try.

As you can see, all of these products are earth, human, and pet friendly. I used to wear gloves and an apron when cleaning because I didn't want to bleach my clothes or dry out my skin. ( and if you didn't know, industial oven cleaner can take your finger nails off. I'm not even kidding.) Now, I can clean just about everything knowing that I'm not hurting anything. Win win in my book. 

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